Author: Jim Coulson

Jim Coulson - Pulse 1 and 2

Leaving the Radio (Again)

I left Pulse 1 and Pulse 2 over the last week, and potentially the radio industry as a whole. Here is what radio means to me, why I left and what next.

20th July 2020 0
Resolutions Online Content Small Businesses

4 New Year’s Resolutions to Supercharge Online Content for Small Business

Here are four simple and effective ways to supercharge online content for small businesses. Make these your business new year’s resolutions for 2019 and bring in more custom.

26th December 2018 0

Making Vlogs in Dubai and a Rollercoaster Fail

I was offered a trip to the UAE, making vlogs in Dubai and I jumped at the chance. Here’s why I didn’t believe it, what happened and the tale of the rollercoaster fail.

31st October 2018 0
Radio Stations Making Videos

Yorkshire Radio Stations Making Great Videos

Video is a powerful marketing tool, and radio stations in Yorkshire are making the most of this fun and exciting medium. Here are some examples of great radio station videos from BBC Radio Leeds, Pulse 1 and Heart Yorkshire.

9th May 2018 0
Entertain the Kids in Yorkshire

Video Guide to Keeping the Kids Entertained in Yorkshire

If you are looking for ways to entertain the kids in Yorkshire, I have made a series of videos featuring family friendly activities in the county – The Bewildered Family Guide to Yorkshire.

4th April 2018 0

3 Ways to Boss the Local Area on Your Blog

If your business sells products or services in a certain location, you need to be seen by as many people in that area as possible in order to hit as many potential customers as possible.

28th March 2018 0
Music Education - Nineties Music

The NME, Xennials & Urusei Yatsura – A Music Education, One Bath at a Time

I’m on a music education mission to play my favourite songs from back in the day for my kids at bath time. Read about that, the ending of the NME’s print edition and what it’s like to be a Xennial.

21st March 2018 0
End of Tax Year Prepaid Blog Package

End of Tax Year Prepaid Blog Package Deals

I’ve decided to offer some special deals to customers old and new who want to use their budget wisely before the end of the tax year and buy a special prepaid blog package.

13th March 2018 0
8 Satisfying Aspects of Being a Freelancer

The 8 Most Satisfying Aspects of Being a Freelancer

There are many advantages to being self-employed, from escaping office politics to being able to use the shops when everyone else is at work. Here are eight satisfying aspects of being a freelancer.

7th March 2018 2
Why I Love Yorkshire

Why I Love Yorkshire and Why You Should Too

Moving to Yorkshire was the best decision we ever made. Here’s why I love the county, how it influences my work and why you should love Yorkshire too.

27th February 2018 6