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Jim Coulson - Yorkshire Content Writer, Radio Presenter and Video Maker

Website Content Audit Deal – Limited Offer!

Get your business site ready for Christmas (yes) with this website content audit deal. This offer is only open for a limited time.

16th August 2018 0
8 Satisfying Aspects of Being a Freelancer

The 8 Most Satisfying Aspects of Being a Freelancer

There are many advantages to being self-employed, from escaping office politics to being able to use the shops when everyone else is at work. Here are eight satisfying aspects of being a freelancer.

7th March 2018 2

Where Are the Best Places for Freelancers to Work?

Where are the best places for freelancers to work? I’ve detailed the pros and cons of the workspaces I have used so far and would love your input on where to set up if you’re self-employed and work remotely.

11th February 2018 0
Why You Need a Blog For Your Website - Bakewell Tart

Why You Need a Blog for Your Website

If you want to beat your rivals to the all-important search traffic, you need to add value to your site. Read exactly why you need a blog for your website.

15th January 2018 5
Jim Coulson Freelance Stationery

I Quit My Job Today, Oh Boy

I quit my job to go freelance as a content writer, radio presenter, live event host and video maker. It was a good job, and I have two kids to support. Find out why I did it here.

8th January 2018 4