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Jim Coulson - Pulse 1 and 2

Leaving the Radio (Again)

I left Pulse 1 and Pulse 2 over the last week, and potentially the radio industry as a whole. Here is what radio means to me, why I left and what next.

20th July 2020 0
Radio Stations Making Videos

Yorkshire Radio Stations Making Great Videos

Video is a powerful marketing tool, and radio stations in Yorkshire are making the most of this fun and exciting medium. Here are some examples of great radio station videos from BBC Radio Leeds, Pulse 1 and Heart Yorkshire.

9th May 2018 0
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Getting Back Into Radio

I had almost given up on radio at one point, but freelancing means that I can now get back into doing shows on a range of different stations. Find out more about my radio career here.

18th February 2018 1
Jim Coulson Freelance Stationery

I Quit My Job Today, Oh Boy

I quit my job to go freelance as a content writer, radio presenter, live event host and video maker. It was a good job, and I have two kids to support. Find out why I did it here.

8th January 2018 4