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Video for business is the way forward for content marketing. Increasingly, more of your customers watch video content to find out about companies and products before they buy. Business vlogs can also help build your brand and create an affinity with potential clients. The more human and real you appear, the more goodwill there is towards your business.

Want some stats? 92% of top marketers say video is an essential part of their strategy, and 88% say it brings a positive ROI. Your customers will spend 100 minutes a day watching video content by 2021, so can you afford not to get on bored with video for business? There are a few options for you if you want to jump into video for the first time. Whether you and your staff front the clip or you bring in a vlogger to review your product or service, there are a range of options available to you. Contact me today to discuss them. Here are some of my business vlogs and other videos:

Dubai Parks and Resorts

I was asked to provide vlogs for Dubai Parks and Resorts, showing off the facilities at the parks and the day trips available to visitors.

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Festival of Vintage

I created three videos for the Festival of Vintage at York Racecourse. I showcased the events on offer to encourage people to visit on the second day.

View Videos provided spending money for a day out exploring family friendly Manchester. We recorded this video for that campaign.

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Vue Halifax

Vue Cinemas asked for a review of their Halifax site, so I included it in a piece of content that didn’t feel like an advertising campaign.

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Tot Gear

I created a spoof Top Gear video, imagining what it would be like if they reviewed cars that families really drove, rather than supercars.

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Hesketh Farm Park

Hesketh Farm Park near Bolton Abbey in Yorkshire asked me to come and review their Halloween event as well as their other facilities.

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Welcome Channel 4 to Leeds

I created a video to welcome Channel 4 to Leeds, featuring 52 Channel 4 TV show titles in the script. Take a look and see if you can spot them all.

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Bewildered Family Guide to Yorkshire

I have put together a host of videos exploring Yorkshire towns and cities with my kids to see if they are family friendly.

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