Yorkshire Radio Stations Making Great Videos

Yorkshire Radio Stations Making Great Videos

9th May 2018 Radio Video Yorkshire 0
Radio Stations Making Videos

On this blog, I wanted to dedicate each post to a different theme that has something to do with my freelance work. Well, since it’s been a while since my last update (I’ve been too busy blogging, videoing, radioing and more for other people), here’s a three-in-one. A Kinder Egg of blog posts – welcome to…Yorkshire radio stations making great videos.

  • Yorkshire – The county in which I have made my home is a constant inspiration for my work.
  • Radio – The job that I have done for most of my working life and which I have enjoyed getting back into in recent weeks.
  • Videos – Something that I love making not only for my own amusement, but also for a number of clients.

Why Radio Needs Video

Does radio need video? Didn’t video kill the radio star? You might be shocked to find out that The Buggles lied to us. The two can (and should) work hand in hand.

Some people may argue that radio with pictures is just television, but online video content is different. It’s an extra, effective way for brands in any walk of life to engage their customers. It makes companies seem more human and real, and gives an insight into what they do on a daily basis that you never normally see.

Not Just Radio

Given the choice between two undertakers, for instance; one might just be a name and phone number in a listing and the other you may have noticed because they posted an interesting video about the choices people make for funeral songs. In this case, you would more than likely opt for the latter company because they have made an effort to engage. You know more about them. They are no longer a faceless brand.

This translates into the world of radio (particularly breakfast shows) really well. Listeners to personality shows feel they are part of a gang, but which fun gangs only offer a tight four-hour window of inclusion?


That’s why these shows need compelling video content that lets them live outside of the 6am – 10am slot (or whenever they are on) and displays more of the characters that fans only usually hear for two or three minutes in between every song.

As an aside, social media and blogging also go someway to achieving this ’24-hour breakfast show’ effect.

Here are some great pieces of visual content from broadcasters in the White Rose County:

Heart Yorkshire – The Yorkshire Song

This is a corking video and song by Dixie and Emma of Heart Yorkshire. It seems to be the culmination of an on-air storyline that, I must admit, I’ve not listened to. But that¬†doesn’t matter; this is fun, passionate and covers a whole load of local places in a short amount of time. If you want to prove you local credentials, this version of Deeply Dippy by Right Said Fred is a great way to do it.

It’s a simple concept – take a novelty song that your listeners remember fondly, change the lyrics to bang on about loving Yorkshire and add a comedy rap in the middle that comes from nowhere, but works nicely. In a way.

It’s proper shareable content and I like the fact that Dixie clearly had to perform the song in about 20 different locations, thoroughly baffling the local dog walkers and tourists each time.

Pulse 1 – Tour de Yorkshire

Big local events are great for radio stations, but you need a way to distinguish yourself from the competition. Every Yorkshire breakfast show will have talked about the Tour de Yorkshire, but Mylo and Rosie on Pulse 1 created this video that fitted their personalities and the tone of their show perfectly.

I like the fact that Rosie starts this off gleeful at Mylo’s expense, but within minutes begins to despair of his uselessness. Of course you could try and fake that, but this seems entirely genuine, which is one of the reasons that this is a hugely effective radio station video.

DISCLOSURE: I work for Pulse 1. They haven’t strongarmed me into adding this in, though. It’s there on merit. Honest.¬†

BBC Radio Leeds – Larry and Paul

Larry and Paul from BBC Leeds do things slightly differently. They produce regular scripted sketches rather than the usual radio station fare. Some are relevant to their radio show, others like this one aren’t, but are still well worth a look:

This is all about promoting them as a double act, showing the sort of dynamic that makes the show such a great listen, and encouraging people to tune in. The videos are consistently funny and always worth checking out.

Need a Video?

If you need some video content to liven up your website or social media, I can do that for you. Get in touch through the Contact page right now.

Recently I was tasked with turning around three ‘roving reporter’ style videos on the first day of the Festival of Vintage at York Racecourse.

The idea was to show how exciting the festival was and to encourage people to make the trip there the following day. Here’s the first of the three. You can see the rest on the Video page.

My Radio Station Videos

It’s been a while since I had a regular daily radio show, but even back in the early 2010s we were starting to understand that video was a brilliant marketing tool. We made a video of me trying out martial arts before a holiday to Vietnam, a thinly veiled excuse to see me beaten up by people much tougher than me.

In this video, you can see the moment I was punched in the kidney by a champion MMA fighter, which made the eight-hour flight to Ho Chi Minh City more than a little uncomfortable. Enjoy.



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