yorkshire content writer, radio presenter and video maker

Content Writing and Blogs

I write compelling, informative blog posts and SEO-friendly static content to bring users to your site, keep them there and convert them into customers. Let’s work out a tailored content plan to make the most of your website.


Video Making and Vlogs

Video is the future of content and I make engaging and shareable clips to bring your website and social media to life. Contact me now to open up a whole new method of building your brand and gaining new followers and fans for your business.


Radio Presenting and Podcasts

I have been a professional radio presenter for 20 years at some of the biggest stations in the country, across a range of different formats. I can also present and produce podcasts for your business to help you find new customers.


Live Event Hosting and Compering

I host pop concerts, comedy nights, awards ceremonies and an array of other events. I’m comfortable on stage, am adept at thinking on my feet and can work a crowd. Book me now to make sure your next event is in safe hands.


Freelance Yorkshire Copywriter

Hi, I’m Jim and I am a freelance Yorkshire copywriter, as well as radio presenter, event host and videomaker. I’m originally from North Lincolnshire, but have lived in Yorkshire for a large portion of my life and have completely fallen in love with the county. I work with clients from across the country and even internationally too, so make sure you contact me if you need a freelancer for your site, social media, show or event.

Here is what I look like (middle), with my kids’ portraits of me on either side. Copyright 3-year-old Seth (left) and 6-year-old Elsa (right).

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Latest Blog Posts

Keep up to date with me, my work and my musings on digital (and non-digital) content on my blog.

Jim Coulson - Pulse 1 and 2

Leaving the Radio (Again)

I left Pulse 1 and Pulse 2 over the last week, and potentially the radio industry as a whole. Here is what radio means to me, why I left and what next.

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20th July 2020 0
Resolutions Online Content Small Businesses

4 New Year’s Resolutions to Supercharge Online Content for Small Business

Here are four simple and effective ways to supercharge online content for small businesses. Make these your business new year’s resolutions for 2019 and bring in more custom.

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26th December 2018 0

Making Vlogs in Dubai and a Rollercoaster Fail

I was offered a trip to the UAE, making vlogs in Dubai and I jumped at the chance. Here’s why I didn’t believe it, what happened and the tale of the rollercoaster fail.

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31st October 2018 0

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