End of Tax Year Prepaid Blog Package Deals

End of Tax Year Prepaid Blog Package Deals

13th March 2018 Content Writing 0
End of Tax Year Prepaid Blog Package

The main part of my work involves writing blogs for various companies, which is something I love doing. Hosting a regularly updated blog is vitally important for a business in terms of helping your website rank higher for your favoured keywords, and I enjoy the variety of topics I get to cover for my clients.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to offer some special deals to customers old and new who want to use their budget wisely before the end of the tax year. Up until Thursday 5th April, you can buy a special prepaid blog package from me.

Why Having a Blog is Important

I’ve covered the importance of running a blog for your business in previous posts, but you can’t underestimate the power it has to compel your existing customers to revisit your online offering and to help new clients find out what you have to offer.

This video explains more:

Special Blog Offer

Here’s the offer, then. Up until Thursday 5th April 2018, you can buy a special package that entitles you to four, six or eight blog posts for £80, £110 or £130, respectively. My usual rate for a single 500-750 word post is £25.

As long as the payment is made before the end of the 2017-18 tax year, you can request the blogs whenever you like; whether that’s one per week, one per month, or if you just want to scatter them at random throughout the year.

I can write them for you all in one batch or produce them to order just before you’d like them to go live.

End of Tax Year Blog Offer

Blog Details

Here are the technical bits:

  • Blog posts are between 500 and 750 words long and are guaranteed to contain wholly unique content.
  • I will supply royalty-free images if needed.
  • I will tailor the posts to your favoured keywords using current SEO techniques.
  • You can either choose the topics and keywords yourself or let me research that on your behalf.
  • After your purchase, I will consult you via phone, email or face-to-face meeting to form an idea about your needs; although you don’t need to make any firm decisions at the time.
  • I request at least 48 hours’ notice before you wish to receive a piece (although I may be able to turn one around quicker, depending on circumstances – just ask).
  • I can also create social media posts for the blogs. This will be charged at an additional rate, which we can negotiate at the time.
  • Your package must be used before Thursday 5th April 2019.


Want to Buy a Prepaid Blog Package?

If you have some spare in the budget as we edge towards the end of the tax year and would like to harness the power of a blog for your business, this is the deal for you. Get in contact today if you have any questions about that or any other aspect of my freelancing services.


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