I Quit My Job Today, Oh Boy

I Quit My Job Today, Oh Boy

8th January 2018 Content Writing Freelance Work Live Events Radio Video 4
Jim Coulson Freelance Stationery

I quit my job today.

I have two kids, two mortgages and a dog that is on a diet that even Henry VIII might regard as a little decadent, but I quit my job today, oh boy.

Why I Quit

This wasn’t some kind of Jerry Maguire-style flounce out of the office, though. I work for a friendly, generous company who were good enough to give me a chance three-and-a-half years ago when I was under-qualified as an online content writer. I could write – that’s true – but there’s a difference between writing for fun and creating effective web content.

I’ve learnt so much about SEO, content marketing and the structure of digital content and I’m so thankful for the opportunity. It certainly wasn’t an easy decision to make, but I have a plan. I’m going freelance, and here’s some new stationery to prove that I’m serious about giving this a go:

Jim Coulson Freelance Stationery

Pretty snazzy, right?

Why Go Freelance?

I’ve worked hard for Take That Ltd since I left my last full-time radio gig, being promoted to Content Editor last year, but I’ve always wanted to set up something for myself. I look forward to getting out and meeting a host of new clients and helping them make the most of their digital offering, I’m excited about the variety of different tasks I’ll be able to take on and by the flexibility this new life will afford me.

It will mean I can take my daughter to nursery more often, and it will be easier to deal with those occasional childcare nightmares. However, I’m certainly not averse to graft (I much prefer to be busy and challenged), so I certainly don’t mind working into the night to afford myself these opportunities.

I guess part of this lifestyle change is fuelled by the thought of my 40th birthday looming on the horizon in February 2019. If I kick off my freelance career now, I figure that 13 months is a realistic timeline in which to be properly up and running before I can no longer get away with pretending not to be middle-aged. Think of it as part mid-life crisis and part long-term New Year’s resolution.

Freelance Services

This is the bit where I have to stop being self-effacing and tell you how good I am – after all, this is now my livelihood (yikes). Here are the freelance services you can hire me for:

Content Writing

I figure this will be the bread and butter of my freelance business. The easiest win for a business of any size to drive traffic to their site, to promote their latest product or service, or to position themselves as an authority on a subject is to host a blog.

Google loves fresh content when it comes to ordering its rankings, social media provides a perfect platform to share your posts, allowing your fans and followers to spread the word on your behalf, and anything that gives users a reason to visit your site is an opportunity to convert them into paying customers.

Of course, the content needs to be well written, structured correctly and optimised for your purposes, and that is where I come in. Have a look at some of my recent work at the Content Writing page.


I’ve been a professional radio presenter for more than 17 years now and am comfortable presenting both personality and music-driven shows. I am adaptable, relatable and creative, and you can hear a collection of demos in various styles at the Radio page.

Hire Jim Coulson for Your Radio Station

I do miss presenting shows on a regular basis and am looking forward to getting back on the radio horse in 2018. I am also available for presenting and producing podcasts, so get in touch if that’s what you’re looking for.


I enjoy creating online video and am a vlogger, despite thinking that ‘vlog’ is one of the least enticing words ever invented – a feeling echoed by the uber-talented Helen Zaltzman of the The Allusionist podcast:

It’s amazing how big video is as medium nowadays and how important it is that your business embraces it as a marketing tool. There are a host of different styles you could opt for – animated explainer video, slick corporate clip, or fun vlog-style content. The latter is where I come in, and I’d love to chat about working together to boost your business. Here are some examples of my video style:




There’s more information at the Video page.

Live Events

As well as showing off behind the microphone and in front of the camera, I can do it whilst facing a live crowd too. I have a background in stand-up comedy, which allows me to think on my feet, whether I’m whipping up a football crowd into a frenzy, hosting an awards ceremony or bringing on acts at a concert.

I have a warm, friendly and relaxed style and I’d love to host your event. Read more at the Live Events page.

Work With Me

If this sounds like the sort of stuff your business needs, get in contact, and please pass on this post to anyone you think would benefit (other than me, of course). I’m proud of myself for taking this step, but I really need it to work out and you could definitely help by giving it a share. I’d be forever grateful – that ridiculous healthy dog food doesn’t come cheap, you know.


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