Video Guide to Keeping the Kids Entertained in Yorkshire

Video Guide to Keeping the Kids Entertained in Yorkshire

4th April 2018 Video Yorkshire 0
Entertain the Kids in Yorkshire

The Easter holidays are in full swing and you need as much help as possible entertaining the kids whilst the schools are closed. Luckily, I’ve made a whole load of videos showing the family-friendly activities you can get up to in Yorkshire.

I’ve already blogged about my love of the white rose county, and that was a driving force behind the Bewildered Family Guide to Yorkshire – a series of short videos set in different towns and cities across the region. It was also a good excuse to spend time with Elsa initially, and now Seth as well, messing around in some of our favourite haunts.

The Best of the Bewildered Family Guide to Yorkshire

I thought it would be a good idea to collect together some of my favourite videos from the series here, along with details of what there is to entertain the kids in the featured towns.


Saltaire was the very first Bewildered Family Guide to Yorkshire destination and it is one of my favourite places to visit. There’s a real community feel in the village, which was built to house workers from the imposing mill.

The mill has been renovated and contains a great deal of detail on the village’s history. Kids love to learn about its founder Titus Salt, who was a fascinating character. There is also a collection of works by artist David Hockney, a book shop with a large children’s section and a fancy kitchen shop which, to be fair, is of more interest to me than it is to the kids.

There are regular arts trails for children, Saltaire Festival is a fantastic annual family event and the Shipley Glen Tramway is a lot of fun too.


I have to include Ilkley here, as it is just a couple of minutes down the road from where we live. The annual literature festival is hugely impressive, especially given the size of the town. As well as a host of great shows for grown-ups, it always has a full schedule of events for kids too.

Older children can join you on an expedition up onto the moor, which is absolutely stunning. I genuinely believe the view from the Cow and Calf rocks is one of the finest anywhere in the world.

Cow and Calf Rocks at Ilkley

Ilkley also has a toy museum which, as you will find out from the video, lends itself to the town’s very own dad joke.

Scarborough and Filey

Not only does Yorkshire boast gorgeous countryside, but it is also home to some glorious seaside resorts. Scarborough is sometimes looked down upon and accused of being tacky, but a) the British seaside is meant to be tacky – that’s part of the charm, and b) there is so much more to the town than that.

Just down the road from Scarborough is Filey, one of my favourite beach destinations in the UK. We spent a week there last year and, not only is there plenty to do in the town, it’s also in a great position for exploring other great places in the area, such as Whitby and Staithes (the setting for Old Jack’s Boat, CBeebies fans!).


The city that likes to think of itself as the capital of Yorkshire (calm down, people of Sheffield, York and Wetwang, I know you’d like to stake that claim too) is incredibly child friendly too. If you’d like to keep the kids entertained in Leeds, the Abbey House Museum in Kirkstall is completely focused on activities for children and Elsa loves going there.

More Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained in Yorkshire

This is just a selection of the places we have visited for the series. To see the rest, visit the Bewildered Family Guide to Yorkshire page of my dad blog, Bewildered Dad.

I am in the process of making more videos with the kids, which will appear on there in the coming months, so keep checking back.

Entertain the Kids in Yorkshire

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